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Info Center » Why 3M Command Hanging Strips

Hanging canvas print or any photo frame has never been easier with 3M Command Hanging Strips.

– Damage-Free Hanging
– No nail holes
– Holds strongly
– Removes cleanly
– Picture locks in place
– Works on a variety of surfaces

Instruction of using 3M Command Hanging Strips is available behind the package, below is just a demonstration for better understanding.

How many pack should I buy?
Each pack of Command Hanging Strips comes with 3 sets of strips.
90% of our canvas printing or wooden frame are less than 3kg (except those extra large print) so 1 pack of Command Hanging Strips is sufficient to hang up 1 canvas print or 1 frame.

* We recommend you always use AT LEAST 2 sets on each side of your frame regardless what the weight is.
* Each 3M Pack comes with 3 sets of medium strips.
* Value Pack contains 8 sets of medium strips + 4 sets of small strips.

> 1 set of medium strips can hold up to 1.3kg (3 lbs)
> 2 set of medium strips can hold up to 2.7kg (6 lbs)
> 4 set of medium strips can hold up to 5.4kg (12 lbs)

> 1 set of small strips can hold up to 450g (1 lbs)
> 2 set of small strips can hold up to 900g (2 lbs)
> 4 set of small strips can hold up to 1.8kg (4 lbs)

* Above holding weight is recommended by 3M Command. We do not bear any responsibility if your frame or canvas printing broken by falling down.

Free hook:

All frames or canvas print comes with a hook. If you don’t mind or you already have a nail on the wall, you can just hang it.

If you prefer to use Command Hanging Strips, you need to remove the hook.

Step 1:

First yo need to combine 2 strips into 1, press them until they snap together.

Step 2:

After you snap the 2 strips into 1, stick 1 side on the frame and the other side on the wall.

Press the frame on the wall for 30 seconds and peel it off.

Step 3:

After you peel off the frame, press the stick for 30 seconds each again and wait for 1 hour.

Final Step:

After an hour, stick back the two separated strips and the hanging job is done.