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Info Center » Glossy, Matte and Metallic

Glossy Matte Metallic
Offers a shiny colorful, vivid and crisp finishing Non-shiny, less dynamic print Reproduces vibrant colors with intense saturation
Generates a glare, making it difficult to observe from certain angles Glare gets reduced to a significant level, does not reflect light. Highly reflective
Making photos with lively colors Good in featuring black and white photos Making photos eye-catching and dramatic
Exposed to the possibility of patches after certain point of time Preventing patches Effect gets old pretty quick
Highly prone to fingerprints and smudges Does not attract fingerprints and smudges Prone to fingerprints and smudges
Recommended for landscape printing Recommended for portrait, black and white printing Recommended for portraits, sporting events, posters and commercial displays

* We recommend and use glossy paper brings out better result in terms of colour saturation for colour printing.