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If you are looking for something unique and memorable as a gift for special occasions such as baby shower, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or even Valentine’s Day, then opt for the photo canvas print. Photos printed on canvas are made by the advanced ink jet technology in the digital photography industry. The canvas comes in a variety of tones, textures, and shapes, and since canvas material is textured compared to the conventional photo paper with the standard and glossy finish, it’s much more lasting due to its water resistant sealer, making it a top-notch and high quality product.

Since the photo canvas print as a gift idea features unique sealer, it is able to endure different conditions such as direct sunlight or water damage. Additionally, the canvas print is also does not easily crease when rolled, and if the photo canvas print is being properly taken care of, it’s able to last up to 100 years. There are types of prints on canvas with the choices of a gallery wrapped canvas or the Girclee printing. The gallery wrapped canvas makes your picture ready to be hung without the need to be framed while the Girclee printing is ideal for large size pictures. Among the best events for the photo canvas print as gift include:

1. Christmas Gift:
Tired of the same old greeting cards? It’s time for you to spice things up a little bit by making some photo canvas prints on your Christmas cards or turn it into a single photo printed on canvas (you could either DIY or get some help from your local printing service). Use digital photos which can be easily uploaded and get creative by snapping some photos of your grandma’s homemade Christmas food or dessert recipes or anything family-related and give the finished products to your family members as Christmas gift. Wrap them up with quirky Christmas ribbons if necessary.

2. Wedding Gift:
Instead of the typical photo albums and kitchen appliances as wedding gifts, give the bride and groom something more sentimental like printing their funny childhood photos, date photos, engagement photos, or any photos that you could think of and print it onto canvas and mount them on the matte side by side. Add some special gestures on the photo print canvas by leaving the bride and the groom some special love messages or marriage advices.

New Born Baby Gift
What comes to your mind when buying new born baby gifts? Is it a toy, clothing or other little cute stuffs such as baby jewelry? These oh-so-common gifts seem like nothing special and lack creativity, so why don’t you try out photo canvas prints? You may browse some cute baby or baby-related stuffs photos from the Internet to do your prints. Decorate the baby canvas prints by adding baby quotes and accessories like ribbons, colorful buttons and cute stickers. If you have the newborn’s photos too, it is even better. Personalize the gift by adding his or her name on it; you could even add the parents’ names too. These will definitely be more creative and thoughtful. Remember to always opt for bright and vibrant colors.

Farewell Gift For Colleagues
Forget about those boring resignation cards. Photo canvas print is a trend now. It is the perfect gift for your colleagues or friends. Make it more meaningful and memorable by using photos of you and your colleagues. Other than that, you can use some nice portraits or meaningful quotes to make the canvas print. It is not necessary to be so serious, therefore other choices like funny pictures or quotes can be picked for the canvas print too. Attach your personal message or contact number if you want. If you find that the canvas print will be a bit plain with only pictures or quotes, you can combine both of them or add some decorative banners. It’s all depends on your creativity!